Kikuyu grass has been a popular choice in Australia for many years. Not only can it be grown almost anywhere in the country, but it is hardy, affordable and fast-growing. There are a number of other benefits to Kikuyu grass and it remains a top choice for backyards, sporting fields and commercial lawns.

Benefits of Kikuyu Grass

The biggest benefit of Kikuyu grass for Australians is that it is extremely hard wearing. It can handle the toughest of conditions and repairs quickly. Other benefits include:

  • Low maintenance – wet and forget.
  • Fast growing – just keep your eye on the runners to ensure it doesn’t take over in areas you don’t want it to.
  • Grows in almost any soil – Kikuyu grass thrives in almost any soil, even average soil where other grass varieties have failed.
  • Attractive and feels nice – ideal for kids as it is soft underfoot and grows into a beautiful bright green colour.

Kikuyu Maintenance

While it is known as a warm-season grass, Kikuyu will grow almost anywhere, even in colder climates like Tasmania. It is fairly drought resistant although some watering may be required to keep it looking its best during the hot summer months.

Kikuyu grows fast which means your lawn will require a weekly mow in the summer and a monthly mow in the winter. It’s unlikely you’ll need to fertilise your Kikuyu, but a slow release fertiliser will give it a kick start if it needs it.

Kikuyu Grass in Shepparton

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