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Irrigation Design

Your domestic and commercial gardens are important social spaces, so you need to keep them looking their best, whatever the weather. Goulburn Valley Sprinklers and Landscaping help your gardens to stay healthy all year round, with our irrigation design services. We create the perfect irrigation systems for gardens of all types and sizes in Shepparton and the surrounding areas.
Irrigation design Goulbourn


Planning and designing an irrigation system can be technically challenging for most, but not for our irrigation design specialists. Goulburn Valley Sprinklers and Landscaping will come to your Shepparton property to check your water supply and determine the most cost-effective solution.

Once we’ve discussed your needs and talked you through the whole process, we’ll draw up a design of a system best suited to your needs. For bespoke irrigation systems, from the smallest flat yard to an oval sports landscape, call us to arrange an onsite consultation.

Computerised designs

As part of our personalised irrigation design services, we provide computerised designs of your tailored irrigation systems. This way, you can see precisely what components are being used to help create your perfect garden and complete your project.

With over 15 years’ experience in irrigation design, we offer your detailed computerised plans specifying your system’s location.

Bespoke systems

Our irrigation systems are designed to water specific areas of your garden and to reduce the amount of water that gets wasted. We can even set your irrigation system on a timer, so that the sprinkler systems only come at the most economic time, or whenever you like.

When compared to alternative methods of watering your gardens, our bespoke irrigation systems save your utility costs and play a hand in helping the environment. Conserve large quantities of water without supervision, thanks to Shepparton’s irrigation design specialists.

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